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E komo mai (Welcome) to Hawaiian Aloha Blessings with Kahu Pomaika‘i. Kahu Pomaika’i is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. Her awakening began at a young age with various encounters with spirit guides, animal spirit guides and archangels.

Using her highly intuitive ability of the hearing, seeing, feeling and direct knowing, Kahu serves as a bridge between the mystical realms and the journey of awakening.

Pomaikai is a Hawaiian Minister or Kahu and specializes in performing traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, renewals, blessings and clearings for both businesses and families. This is in addition to her role as a non-denominational alaka’i, or guide, where she provides counseling that at times includes Ho‘oponopono, opu huli treatments and shell healings.

Kahu Pomaika'i has been licensed in the state of Hawai'i as a massage therapist for over 20 years and played an integral role as a Massage Therapist at both the Turtle Bay Resort Spa and at the Kahala Hotel and Resort Spa. She left her work there to expand her work as a Kahu.

Kahu Pomaika'i conducts Hawaiian weddings and blessings in Hawaii

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“If you are looking for an exquisite wedding ceremony that will leave everyone without a dry eye then look no further than Kahu Pomaika’i. My husband who is Hawaiian and I were married in Honolulu at the Hale Koa on 2/12/2011. We live in Las Vegas and were finding it hard to find someone who could capture just the feeling we wanted to have conveyed with our ceremony. I didn’t want some cookie cutter five minute wedding ceremony. We wanted something meaningful and traditionally Hawaiian…” – Brandye G.

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Kahu Pomaika'i at the Sacred Healing Pools at Makapu'u


As a Kahu, Pomaika‘i conducts blessings for both businesses and families. She has performed many blessings for The Hawai‘i Prince Hotel, the Waikiki Sheraton, the Kahala Hotel and Resort as well as a host of other businesses ranging from local fitness centers to preschools. If you are looking to bless your new home or restore positive energy, release energy that no longer serves a purpose and summon in new prosperity and harmony – find out more about Blessings with Kahu Pomaika’i.

“On the day of our wedding, Kahu Pomaika’i took me through a grounding exercise for me to release my tension, she blessed our leis as well as the land, and conducted our ceremony with such grace and poise, yet filled with so much love, that I was crying throughout the entire ceremony. – Mark S.