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As a Kahu, Pomaika‘i conducts blessings for both businesses and families. She has performed many blessings for The Hawai‘i Prince Hotel, The Kahala Hotel and Resort, World Gym, as well as a host of other businesses ranging from local fitness centers to preschools.Kahu Pomaika'i loves to perform baby or keiki blessings. She is a mother of two boys and understands the importance of blessing our beloved children and their family. Blessings for keiki can be done at your favorite beach, park or home.It is customary to bless a new home, residence or business. Homes are blessed to bring harmony, peace and balance to the property and the new family that now resides there. Businesses are blessed for the same reasons, and also to bring clear, free-flowing energy and prosperity to the business endeavor.Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Sometimes negativity and imbalance remain on a property or in a home long after the earlier occupants have departed. Buildings are also frequently erected on plots of land previously used for burial or battle, the site of much pain and grief. These residual energies can cause disruption in the lives of the new occupants and when this happens a blessing is in order. Clearing the negative connections through the process of Ho‘oponopono (meaning to make right, align and balance) can restore peace and erase the connections of the past, ushering in a fresh flow of positivity and grace.The cost of a blessing is determined by the size of the location, the energetic status of the location, and the time necessary to clear a space.

Keiki (Baby) Blessing $250

Ho'oponopono for parent(s)
Blessings and prayer for keiki and parent(s)
Hawaiian Values (universal core values)

Kahu Pomaika'i becoming an ordained Kahu at Kapuaokalani Heiau