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Hawaiian Aloha Blessings offers intimate beach ceremonies and traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. 

Pomaika`i is a Hawaiian Minister or Kahu who specializes in performing ceremonies, renewals, and blessings.

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Kahu Pōmaika’i is a skilled Ho’oponopono practitioner and intuitive healer. Pōmaika’i was schooled in the old Hawaiian ways of this traditional Hawaiian blessing. She was trained by her Kumu (teacher), Karen Leialoha Ka’anehe for over 4 years. Her instruction included ho’oponopono, lomilomi massage, opu huli (turned stomach), shell healing, property blessings, personal blessings, oli (chant) and Hawaiian values. Her Hawaiian lineage includes knowledge and protocol passed down by the great healer from Maui, Papa Kalua Kaiahua. She also learned from the wisdom of John Kaanehe and through Spirit at the Kapuaokalani Heiau.

Pōmaika’i has been offering this rare ho’oponopono blessing to all her couples and ‘ohana since 2006.

She feels honored and blessed to perpetuate this sacred Hawaiian blessing. Ho’oponopono means to correct or to put things in their proper order. We are all connected energetically and ho’oponopono helps us to let go of any heaviness we may be holding onto. Pōmaika’i uses her spiritual gifts of the seeing and knowing to release any energetic connections from the past that may have caused disharmony in your life.

Couples often report feeling “lighter”.

We all need to let go of things that may have troubled us in the past, especially now. Ho’oponopono is a powerful blessing that helps us to release conditions that may have caused us any negativity. Pōmaika’i happily blends ho’oponopono as a spiritual tool into all her ceremonies to allow couples to create new, fresh beginnings.

Ho`oponopono Tapping Healing ($225)

Kahu Pomaika`i is a certified Hypnotherapist and a trained EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tappingpractitioner. She received her training at one of the original institutes teaching hypnotherapy, the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, in California where she trained with psychologists and doctors from around the globe. Her intuitive and healing skills have led her to offer combined sessions of Ho`oponopono and tapping to increase healing and harmony in one’s life. Ho`oponopono is an ancient spiritual healing technique and Tapping is considered energy psychology. By stacking these two powerful techniques together Kahu Pomaika`i is able to assist those that are looking to release things and events from the past. When we do this, we are able to move from a state of negativity to a place of personal freedom and peace. Let Kahu Pomaika`i guide you through a tapping session to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression, sadness and more. Then, Pomaika`I will use Ho`oponopono to strengthen the healing process by spiritually cutting the aka cords (energetic connections) to the relationships or experiences that may be affecting your life. During this 1.5-hour session you will have the opportunity to release negativity on a deep level, let go of unforgiveness and resentment and move to a place of calm and harmony..

Hot Hawaiian Weddings #310 Elise and Jay - CLIP

Kahu Pomaikai is featured performing a traditional Hawaii ceremony on the season 3 finale of "Hot Hawaiian Weddings" on K5. In this episode, Kahu Pomaika'i also speaks on the sacred practice of Ho'oponopono and other elements of her powerful ceremony.

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Kahu Pomaika'i is a LGBTQ+ ally. In this video, Kahu Pomaika'i assists Hawaii's Visitors Convention Bureau with a big step to promote the state's same sex couples and marriage equality.

The Treehouse Guys S1E1 - CLIP

Before construction begins, Kahu Pomaika'i blesses DIY Network's "The Treehouse Guys" & their gorgeous tree using Ho'oponopono. For the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fz64AWrWpo