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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like more information about obtaining a marriage license?

Please visit http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/marriage/index.html for full information regarding your marriage license. You must have a license to be legally married. You may obtain your license as early as 30 days before your scheduled ceremony.

Please ensure you have your license before the ceremony. If you want your marriage to be legal, it is important to bring the license with you to your ceremony. We jointly will sign the license immediately after the ceremony (or during the ceremony if you prefer) and by law, I personally return the original to the state. If you forget to bring the license to the ceremony, we will need to arrange another time for me to sign it.

NOTE: There is an additional fee and the legal date will be the date of our meeting, not the date we performed your ceremony.

After I deliver the original to the state, you will receive the official legal copy via mail. Ensure you fill out the form and pay the extra fee if you would like your license completed sooner than 6-8 weeks. As of January 01, 2012 couples may now go online to print our their temporary marriage license the day after the ceremony. For more information, visit http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/marriage/index.html

If we want to have a beach wedding do you get the permit for us?

No. All couple’s are responsible for obtaining the permit through the state. Please have the permit with you when we are at the ceremony site. Here is the link to the form and information:http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/land/forms-1/forms.

Once you obtain the permit, the ceremony can be scheduled and preformed.

Kahu Pomaika'i prepares for Ho'oponopono.
What do your wedding ceremonies consist of? Can we get a head start on understanding a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony?

All of my ceremonies include Ho'oponopono (to make right) and can include elements such as a ring blessing and the ring exchange. Please go to my weddings page and download all the documents in the middle of the page. You will find helpful documents to assist you like, vow options, ceremony sequence suggestion, a blessings poem as well as a questionnaire that you will need to complete in order to confirm your ceremony with me. I am happy to incorporate any elements you wish such as a sand ceremony or reading of a special poem. During your consultation we will review all of your wishes.

What is a Ho’oponopono?

Ho'oponopono means to make right or to put things in their proper order.

This is a universal prayer that is said to release and cleanse the AKA Cords or energetic connections from past relationships of negativity or disharmony. This part only takes a few minutes where a ti leaf (the most sacred leaf in Hawaiian culture) is used as well as pa'akai (Hawaiian sea salt) and blessing water from the Sacred Healing Pools. Subsequently, ho'oponopono is very powerful and couples will feel a “lightness” in their spirit.

What occurs if our ceremony starts later than scheduled?

Although, I expect your ceremony to start on time, I will gladly wait for last minute details to be completed. My ceremonies are approximately 15-20 minutes and I have committed an hour for you on the day of your ceremony from the time I arrive. At times, depending on the day and schedule I am not able to perform a full ceremony where we start more than 10 -15 minutes late. Therefore, it is important to plan to begin the ceremony as scheduled by ensuring a time line that supports your start time.

The Haku is a head lei. It is a customary gift for your Kahu.
What is a Haku and why do we get one for Kahu Pomaika’i?

The Haku is a lei of flowers and /or fern worn around the head. It is customary in Hawai'i to gift your Kahu a haku lei for conducting your sacred ceremony. Couples may utilize the Links page to order Pomaika'i’s haku or locate a florist of their own preference. The haku along with all other lei will be blessed by Kahu Pomaika'i prior to the ceremony.

What time do you arrive?

I normally arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony. When I arrive at the wedding site, I will set up, conduct a blessing for the land or wedding site, as well as personally bless all lei used in the ceremony.

How long is a ceremony?

Depending on the elements you select and the size of your wedding party, ceremonies can be 15-20 minutes from beginning to end. I want your ceremony to be exactly the way you envision it. If you wish to include additional elements such as a sand ceremony your ceremony will be a bit longer. The signing of your marriage license takes approximately five minutes.

If we want to have a sand ceremony do you provide these items for us?

Not at this time however, I will be adding this to my services in the near future. There are many styles and types of containers and vessels to choose from. Please provide these elements to me at least 15 minutes before your ceremony and kindly have a designated representative assist me with the set up. I will be happy to include any additional elements into your unique ceremony.

Can you provide a microphone for the ceremony?

No. If you want the ceremony amplified, you need to arrange for sound amplification either with your deejay/musician or the ceremony site. Some locations charge an extra fee for amplification and others include it in their services provided.

Can we meet with you in person?

Your 30-45 minute consultation is included in my ceremony fee. Typically, this is done over the phone or via Skype. During your consultation we will go over all the details of your ceremony and any special wishes you may have. If you prefer to meet in person this can be arranged.

Where will we meet?

You will meet with me at a predetermined and mutually agreed location. Locations: Kahala Mall at Starbucks or Common Groundz in Hawaii Kai, etc.

How do we pay you?

See the Payment and Details page

Do you need a deposit to hold my ceremony day?

See the Payment and Details page

We have a unique situation and would like certain accommodations for the ceremony, are you able to do this?

Yes. I am able to supply all types of ceremonies and special requests. I am also a certified diver and would be happy to do an underwater ceremony. We can discuss all the details during your consultation to ensure your ceremony is exactly how you’ve imagined it.

I am not a US citizen, and the person I am marrying is from another country. Can we still get married in Hawaii?

Yes you can. Please consult with the state licensing office for details. They are very informative and will answer your questions by phone. Please make your inquiries through this office:http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/marriage/index.html

Is it necessary to have Kahu Pomaika'i at the rehearsal?

No. Specifically if it’s just the two of you, or a very small wedding party (one bridesmaid and one groomsman). If you have a wedding coordinator they will be able to assist you with a rehearsal. If you have a wedding party and require my assistance, I will be happy to assist during rehearsal. At this time, I will instruct the wedding party where to walk and stand, etc. I will go through the steps or outline of the ceremony which will ease any stress involved for all concerned.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to have a rehearsal without me, it is REQUIRED that you understand all walking details of the wedding party and how you proceed/stand in front of me for the ceremony. I will anticipate your designated representative, or your wedding coordinator to instruct me where to stand on the day of your ceremony. As bride and groom/partners you will proceed to the altar as rehearsed.

Note: Any coordination needs to be completed before the day of your ceremony. Once you are in front of me, less a rehearsal, I can lead you through the ceremony with ease and grace.

Do we need to invite you to the reception?

No, it is not customary to send me an invitation, mahalo.

Are you available to conduct the lunch or dinner prayer for us at our reception?

Because of time limitations and scheduling, I am unable to conduct your blessing for your reception. Typically, receptions take place 30 minutes or more after the complete ceremony ends. Meals often are served 30 minutes after that and I may have another wedding to conduct. However, if you find anyone to conduct the prayer and you need a written prayer for your reception, let me know at our consultation and I will email you a prayer that you can use.