Kahu Pomaika`i has been licensed in the state of Hawai`i as a skilled Massage Therapist for over 20 years.

Lomilomi literally means “to shift,” and is often used to describe a massage therapist. Spiritually, Lomilomi refers to vibrational energy-touch therapy.Lomilomi is different than other healing touch modalities and is considered by many to be the medicine of the future. Other styles of massage teach to go to the source of pain and then do very specific things in order to facilitate healing. While these healing modalities work to some degree, Lomilomi is far superior. It requires the practitioner to erase expectations and disengage from analysis. The Lomilomi therapist must disconnect from referential and regimented teaching and instead become empowered by the Pa‘a (the present; the Now). When the practitioner is operating within the Pa‘a she is able to intuit energetically exactly what areas need attention and healing. Using intense focus, Kahu Pomaika‘i intends the healing of the body, moving blocked or bothersome energy out of the body for maximum relief and revitalization. Inner and outer strain and pain are gently and patiently cleansed.

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Health is action! Health is vitality in motion; it is the action of loving life. The quality of your life will most assuredly improve if you have better energy and health, and a Lomilomi session can help you achieve this. To schedule a Lomilomi session with Kahu Pomaika‘i, please contact her at: (808)222.5470