Shell Healing

“Healing with shells is amazing, they do the work for me,” says Kahu Pomaika’i.

Kahu Pomaika’i has been using sea shells as tools in her healing lomilomi sessions for many years. They are used in a variety of ways for healing and are typically held above the body or the “spiritual body” to identify areas of pain and discomfort.Not all shells are “workers”, some are content to simply look pretty while others are much happier in their watery ocean home. Many however, are powerful and can be used to send healing energy to specific body parts or organs. These healing shells come in all shapes and sizes and have specific duties or applications. Some sea shells are meant for scraping or removing areas of built up scar tissue. Others work like a vacuum to pull out areas of pain and blocked energy or to send healing energy. Some are used for very focused and directed points of blocked tissue or bone.“I call my healing shells my babies. They are so precious to me!”, exclaims Kahu Pomaika’i. Private sessions to learn more about Shell Healing can be scheduled with Kahu Renee Pomaika‘i. To schedule an appointment to receive Shell Healing during a lomilomi session please call: